Colorado Springs Pet Expo Details

Pet Expo LogoColorado Springs is one of the most Pet Friendly communities in the country. The Colorado Springs Pet Expo features 165+ top pet exhibitors from across the state, along with lots of activities for animal lovers.

The show will also host non-stop events throughout the weekend: including pet demonstrations, training seminars, adoptions, discount vaccines and much more!


If you want to bring your pet, you must first fill out a waiver at the Expo entrance.  However, to save yourself some time please print, fill out your waiver in advance, and bring it with you to the Expo entrance on the weekend of the show.  You can get a copy of the waiver by clicking the link below:

Pet Waiver Form

Click here for a list of our Featured Vendors!

Altered Reality Event Center hopes expansion will mean more and bigger shows

Stephen & Ollie

Stephen is a Veteran.  Ollie is his best friend.  When Stephen got out of the Army, he rescued Ollie.  Together, they’ve started hiking together and become outdoorsy. Now, Stephen is a photographer for OutThere Colorado and he and Ollie have hiked 29 fourteeners and many more fun hikes around Colorado.


Catch them in the Springs Magazine,, and @exporewithollie on instagram.

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Eric & Angelyne, the DEAF Cattle Dog!

Eric Melvin is a passionate and engaging inspirational speaker, author and educator widely known as the award-winning and innovative trainer of “Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog.”  Currently aligned with his canine companion and for decades prior, Eric is an enthusiastic advocate for people and animals with disabilities.

Overcoming challenges with strength and compassion is in Eric’s DNA. When he was 14 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The lifelong chronic illness became the catalyst for the success and influence he and Angelyne are known for today.  Eric and Angelyne are a unique and shining example of calling and commitment.

Working hand in paw, Eric and Angelyne (born congenitally deaf) created a unique and influential deaf dog inspirational and training program and have given over 500 inspirational public presentations nationwide since their start. Angelyne responds to over 60 cues including hand signals, touch, lights, body language, facial expressions and vibrations.  Eric and Angelyne are also known for their dedication to character education and compassion development in schools and youth programs as well as motivation for corporations and non-profit organizations.

Eric and Angelyne career highlights include 11 dog talent show victories (12 contests entered), features in 3 books, TV appearances, an invitation to audition for “America’s Got Talent” and speaking engagements at pet expos and other organizations nationwide.  Eric & Angelyne have shared educational and entertainment stages with other influential animal advocates such as Joel Silverman, Shorty Rossi, Guy Gilchrist, Wendy Francisco and more.  In 2015 Eric & Angelyne were finalists in the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame contest.  Angelyne is also a featured model for Sierra Trading Post pet products.  Eric and Angelyne are ranked #1 on Google for “Dog Inspirational Presentations.”

Eric lives life to the fullest despite his challenges with diabetes and he strives to inspire others to overcome!
Eric and Angelyne’s story and presentation will warm your heart and inspire you to surpass your barriers!

Angelyne on Facebook

SuperSonic Dogs

SuperSonic Dogs are a group of canine entertainment enthusiasts. We perform, compete and play with our dogs!

Mutt Masters

MMasters CA Logo new

Bring your canine to test their skills at the Agility Course with free professional instruction by MuttMasters Caine Academy!


Be sure to check out both the Performance Stage and Educational Seminar Stage!

Show dates and times:
April 27-29, 2018
Friday, April 27 – 1 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, April 28 – 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday, April 29 – 11 am to 4 pm

Adults $8.00, Youth 16 & under free!




For More Information Contact:
Jessica Caylor
1-816-676-0686 or 1-800-756-4788