See the Browning Rack Display!


Ron Browning will be bringing his amazing Trophy Deer Rack display.  Included with it, is his legendary Medusa deer mount. One of these mounts was recently ranked among the Top 25 in the world.






We will also be featuring one of the heaviest racks ever recorded and harvested from Henry County, IA. The rack spans 189 3/8 inches!  I think we will call him “Moose”!  Ron also has two of the sheds from Moose, which he will be bringing to the show.  Browning’s ever changing displays are always a hunter’s delight.

Chat with The Mushroom King Tom Weipert!

Get hunting tips, recipes, and more!Sustainability & Outdoor Living Mushroom King

This mushroom is a Lion’s Mane or Hericium. It has many antibiotic properties and loads of other goodies for our immune systems. Come by the booth and we will tell you all about it.

Consuming wild mushrooms can be a hazardous endeavor and in some cases even fatal! Before eating any mushroom collected from the wild it is absolutely critical that it is identified with certainty. An old mushroom hunters’ axiom Sustainability & Outdoor Living Mushroom Kingstates “When in doubt, throw it out”, such an embrace of skepticism can save your life.

As his nickname suggests, Tom knows a lot more about mushrooms than the average hunter. His father started bringing him along on mushroom hunts when he was just 3 years old. Through the years he learned about the unique relationship of mushrooms to trees, the best weather conditions and places to find them. Soon he became so skilled at finding mushrooms that when his friends in high school would have their annual hunt, he always came back with the most. Last year he traveled 54,000 miles hunting for mushrooms all around the country.

Iowa Boat Show Details

Along with booths full of everything for the outdoor enthusiast, shop for ATVs, liquidation prices on tons of hunting and fishing gear, taxidermy, outfitters, and much more!

Trophy Wildlife Outfitters will be supplying a Kids Casting Pond and Laser Shot Course!

Throughout all three days there will be non-stop Pro Angler seminars & Demos! Learn new tips and enjoy meeting the Pros!

Featured boats for sale at the show include:

Skeeter, Bryant, Alumcraft, Bennington, Premier, Tracker, Nitro, Sun-Tracker, Tahoe, Harris Floteboat, Cobalt, Manitou, Lowe, Crestliner, Stingray, plus a large selection of outdoor powersports equipment, kayaks and sailboats.

Show dates and times:
Friday, January 5– 1 pm to 8 pm
Saturday, January 6 – noon to 8 pm
Sunday, January 7 – 11 am to 4 pm

Adults $7, Youth 16 & under free!


Here is the link to purchase tables, chairs, table cloths, and anything for the interior of your booth space!


For More Information Contact:
Sabrina O’Meara
1-800-756-4788 x121