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The Oddity & Bizarre Expo returns to the Colorado Springs Event Center!

The Greatest Show of All for Fans of the Strange & Unusual! This event has everything to intrigue and excite oddity enthusiasts…from Morbid Taxidermy, Steampunk, Bizarre Art, creepy fantastic dolls, and Odd Décor to psychics, palm readers, and tarot card readers Oh My!

Wildlyfe Fire Circus

So pumped to feature the Wildlyfe Fire Circus at the Oddity & Fear Fest on October 23 – 24!
– Ringleader / Circus Performer & Founder – Critta Wild
– Fire Performances featuring props such as a tire trident, fans, poi, staffs, batons, swords, fire breathing & eating, hoops, juggling, and more
– Clowning balancing acts, walking globe stunts, stilts, juggling, and more by Captain Spooky and Jesse The Juggler
– Baton juggling and aerial yoga moves by Rose Ashes.


The Mysterious Master Dave

Master Dave is a mysterious faceless man, from a place far, far away. When you are faceless, and mostly speechless it makes the mind wander and think so many different things, which makes the weak minded afraid. Some believe he is a dark entity, while others have seen his fun, playful side. Master Dave is a protector of souls. He knows what you feel, he can sense those lost, lonely feelings. You can tell him your deepest, darkest secrets and they will be forever hidden in him. He can be your forgiver, when there is no others to forgive you. He is a lover of all and the occasional sword fight. He is not ever to be feared, for he will never harm anyone, not even the tiniest of creatures. He is a friend, a lover and a rescuer of lost souls. Do not ever fear Master Dave. When you see him, talk to him, share your stories with him, and have fun. Remember, one of Master Dave’s favorite things to do, is to have a sword fight or two, and is always up for a challenge. He may even have a special gift for you if you live up to the challenge.

Alanza Oracle to the Stars

A beautiful soul who was born with the gifts of seeing and hearing above the normal range (clairvoyant and clairaudient) and being able to channel those who cross over, Alanza was born in Malibu, California, been on stage in Las Vegas, hosted and been a guest star on many radio shows, and now resides in Colorado Springs. She now is the author many books, four of which will be published for sale in 2021, and with the help of her two guides is ready to a reading for you!

Big Sis Creative

Adorable crochet monsters for everyone’s liking! No two are alike!

Bryan Pedersen Art

Working the artistic graveyard shift nearly every night, Bryan is currently showing his fine art and illustration work in many mediums including graphite, ink, soft pastel, oil paint, watercolor, and digital. Most of his current work consists of his comic style and has been showcased at various conventions across the Midwest.

Charnel Nectar

Everlasting Mysteries, carved in stone

Chasing Tail

We are all about creating art with recycled animal skulls, bones and antlers. Not only can we Clean your hunting trophy but we can also make awesome art out of your horns. Dream Catchers, Jewelry, Pipes, knives and more. Please contact us to have your antlers turned into something much more!

The Creature Collector

Collector/seller of all things strange, bizarre, oddities, curiosities, antiques, skulls, bones, taxidermy, bugs, wet specimens, and anything in the realm of odd and macabre.

Cronk Art & Curiosities

Andrew is a local Colorado Springs artist specializing in butterflies. He showcases the beauty of nature with sustainably and ethically sourced insects and natural materials.

Cryptic Clue Mysteries

Expertly crafted fun-filled mysteries packed with riddles, danger, and adventure! Each story is just waiting to come to life! Guests will take on the roles of a wide range of intriguing and eccentric characters, and together you will work to be the Top Detective of the night and solve a most devious murder!  Every mystery is marked with a “Blood Rating” indicating how difficult the mystery is to solve.

Darkside Creations LLC

My work is founded in a simple belief “If I wouldn’t proudly display it, then it doesn’t belong in your home.” Welcome to the Darkside ….. please hold on and keep your hands inside the ride at all times ….. Peace.

Disco Pancakes Gutter Glitter

The creator of beautiful, high quality and unique styled jewelry!

Dismal Cyanide Customs

Custom services for all your spooky and wearable needs

Enchanted Genie

We specialize in personalized, cleansed, & charged products to provide you and your family with great quality & affordable metaphysical items, even the little ones. We have handmade altar products, crystal grids, genie lamps, divination items, wands, and lots more.

Faery Grove Candles

Whimsical crystal candles and wax melts


An artist collective based in Denver, CO that creates art focused around nature’s grotesque and mystical beauty, using found and ethically sourced elements that drive our inspiration to create. We preserve all sorts on organic pieces in copper, creating beautiful and unique objects that can be worn or displayed.

Finvarra’s Realm

Handmade metaphysical tools inspired by the Fey

Green Lady of the West Side

I’m an artist from Colorado! I’ve been creating art all of my life and love to share with the world! I am heavily influence by my love of horror, obsession with The Walking Dead and all the fun that pop culture has to offer!

Heathen Wire Works

Modern Art with an Ancient Twist


Handcrafted psychedelic home décor and stickers

Jenn Wakely Art

Horror artist from Colorado, obsessed with horror, the Walking Dead and Halloween!

Laughing Frog Gallery

Creating fun whimsical designs in many media choices. Drawing, painting, sculpture and found object assemblage. Only limited by my imagination!

Mystyc Jewels

Jewelry & More For Your More Forbidden, Kinky Pleasures

Pour Decisions by Carol

Hand painted beer and wine glassware

Rebel Skulls

We make horror and creepy themed apparel and home decor for lovers of the darkness. Purses, totes and fun T-shirts for all!

Running Ink

Specializing in Art & Graphic Design, Running Ink offers unique handcrafted art, accessories, antiques, oddities, creative services, immersive collaboration and more.

Skull Army

We carry only the coolest stone carved skulls, dragon force statues, special force gear, metal figurines, beautiful and dark fairy statues, carved stone animals, handmade skull candles, jewelry, gear, and more!

Silent Woman

Mixed media art, jewelry, and repurposed art and home decor.

Soul Balancing

“I look for and remove what doesn’t belong as well as retrieve and bring back that which does belong”.  Trixie is a multi-dimensional soul balancer and uses a unique, alternative healing method within which she has combined all of her life’s lessons, educations, experiences, and skills to not only heal her clients, but also empower and enable them to make better decisions from a place of greater balance within themselves.

Tangled Threads

Forged by the road and the natural world Heather Stevens’ art conveys a tender representation of humanity’s connection to the earth and its fellow creatures. Her work integrates fantastical and realistic themes to further expound upon the idea human beings are both animal, wild and mystical in essence; both compelled by their imagination, the thirst for knowledge and the overwhelming need to create. Heather’s work subtly embraces the importance of the journey not only by the choice of mediums but the intentional display of the process within some of her work. Eternally a seeker, Heather feels driven by ancient voices and a wildness that radiates within her total being. She describes herself as a wandering soul rooted by love. Her work has been born out of a profound understanding that everything in one’s life is connected to everything else, often in messy and tangled ways. All of these tangled threads creating a life that is rich in depth and complexities, all at once, lovely, difficult, painful, chaotic and ultimately beautiful.

VIXEN Fringe

Re-purposed and Up-cycled clothing and sexy vintage lingerie to help all sized Goddesses release their inner VIXEN.

Yield the Crow

Skull Art and Metalcrafts

Colorado Springs Event Center:
3960 Palmer Park Boulevard at Academy with Free Parking!

Show dates, times, and ticket prices are as follows:

Oddity & Bizarre Expo:

Saturday, April 30, 2022 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday, May 1, 2022 10 am – 4 pm

Admission – $13.00
Youth 12 & Under Free

For More Information Contact:

Tiphani Ruark

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