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The Oddity & Bizarre Expo returns to the Colorado Springs Event Center!

The Greatest Show of All for Fans of the Strange & Unusual! This event has everything to intrigue and excite oddity enthusiasts…from Morbid Taxidermy, Steampunk, Bizarre Art, creepy fantastic dolls, and Odd Décor to psychics, palm readers, and tarot card readers Oh My!


Memory To A T is the proud sponsor of “Baby” the 1967 Chevy Impala from the hit series Supernatural on The CW! The show portrayed the car as part of Winchester  family and a third leading character. The Impala  was more than just a means of transportation for Sam & Dean. Their father purchased it in 1973 after a future Dean convinces his dad to buy it over a 1964 VW Van at a used car lot. The car was so beloved that, in Season 11, it even got its own episode. The most-watched episode of the season, the episode smartly-titled “Baby,” gives us the story from the Impala’s point of view. Introduced right in the pilot, the car was a part of all fifteen seasons of the series. Most episodes ended up with the brothers having a bonding moment that involved the Impala as well. There was no journey the four-door car couldn’t do. Plus, the trunk was always filled with demon-hunting weapons.

Carnevil of Carnegie – “The Freaks Sideshow”

Mystery of the 13 Souls Productions presents Carnevil of Carnegie

Come tour “The Freaks Sideshow” maze of uncertainty, but be careful not to get lost amongst the carnevil creatures!

Kilah Storm “The World of Fluff” Taxidermy Puppet Show

Meet Mr Fluff! He is one of Kilah’s first successful taxidermy puppets who now stars in many of her shows. When alive, Mr Fluff was raised as a meat rabbit on a small homestead. His pelt and paws were originally going to be discarded as by product but Kilah found this to be an awful waste. A big animal lover, Kilah couldn’t bare the thought of this beautiful animal having anything wasteful about him. So she taught herself how to tan hides and through a lot of trial and error, created her first puppets. It may be a bit odd, but Mr Fluff and Kilah like to challenge people’s view of death with cute taxidermy. To these two, creepy can take a back seat as they present fun and meaningful shows to kids and adults alike. 

Come see Mr Fluff and his friends as they tell Grimm’s Fairy Tales in a hilarious and heartfelt puppetry show!

Sword Master Dave

Master Dave’s favorite things to do, is to have a sword fight or two, and is always up for a challenge. He may even have a special gift for you if you live up to the challenge.

A Little Alchemy Shop

Elevate Your Self-Care

Welcome to our handmade boutique, where every stitch tells a story and each creation is a work of art. Explore the beauty of handmade treasures crafted with love and passion. Happy browsing!

Acorns to Oak

We are a Colorado based business started in 2017. We specialize in custom gifts and decor.

Adopted Alien Project

The Adopted Alien project specializes in mandala dot art, macramé, jewelry and upcycled furniture. The more obscure and unconventional the canvas, the better. Have a piece you want refinished? Let’s collaborate!

Andi’s Geeky Creations

I love to create things. Cross stitching is my therapy! I’m a crafter of all things!

Art by Tawny Fritz

My name is Tawny Fritz and I am an ink artist originally from the living city of New Orleans. My art is inspired by a variety of themes, including Greek mythology, magic, the cycle of life, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Art of Babs Webb

Babs Webb is a Colorado-based dark fantasy artist with an affinity for the occult. Through strongly symbolic visuals, she strives to convey the visceral emotions that push the boundaries of our humanity; a shrewd clash of psychology and fantasy.

Axe and Iron

All of our items are handmade one at a time with great pride. Whether you are looking for a unique item for yourself or a special gift for someone else, we have the perfect creation just for you!

A Wry Saylor

Stained Glass Artist

Take the plunge and add a splash of colorful light to your Home.

Personalized designs in any size, shape and color.

The only limit is your imagination….and budget.

Ad Astra Creations

Ad Astra Creations creates customized art work in a variety of ways, from sculptures to wire wraps to fangs and much more, we take your visions and create customized one of a kind pieces.

Amy Elizabeth Design

AED is a full-service design studio creating up-scale spaces.

ANM Boudoir

Confidence and self love are life changers. Boudoir can help you shed insecurity and start showing up for yourself in a powerful and authentic way. It’s not about vanity, it’s about standing up, standing out, and reclaiming your true self – a lifelong reminder that it is safe for you to shine.

Art for Heathens

It doesn’t pay to be a heathen. Give me pure, unfiltered art in all forms or give me death.

Atomic Pixies

The Atomic Pixies are three artist/writer-ladies who love to create. We are from the Denver area, and are, in essences, a pack of wild nerds.. Our webcomic, Rendezvous is available on

Babush Kat Designs

We’re just some sapphic folk making art.

Bizarre Bazaar

Used books, vinyl records, CDs, music, movies, comics, magazines, guitar amp repair, record player repair, home audio repair, old radios – buy, sell, trade.

Blue Fyre Press

Kick Butt Girls in Kick Butt Worlds

Brandy’s Nerd Universe

Hand Made Home Living, Kitchen &
Bath Towels.

Brevity Art

I make art for nature lovers and people lovers.

Beat Pix Photo Booths

Colorado’s favorite Green Screen photobooth. Featuring 16 unique backgrounds to choose from. Come into our booth for a one-of-a-kind experience. Our on-site photographer will make sure you have the best photo to choose. Bring your favorite costume/outfit. We offer 4×6 and 8×12 crystal clear prints with frames and sleeves in seconds! 


Where Beauty and Curiosity Meet

Books in Bloom

Handmade Folded Book Art

Bryan Pedersen Art

Working the artistic graveyard shift nearly every night, Bryan is currently showing his fine art and illustration work in many mediums including graphite, ink, soft pastel, oil paint, watercolor, and digital. Most of his current work consists of his comic style and has been showcased at various conventions across the Midwest.

Candy’s Creepy Crib

I am a creepy crafter. I create Serial Killer dollhouses with great attention to detail.
I also create Halloween tins.

Chasing Tail

Custom Skull Cleaning, Decorating, & More

Connie’s Cupboard

Our store is community outreach store. We share with those in need. We accept gently used items.

Crafty Crowe

This collective specializes in crafts
found on weblogs of creative people who either have, or
work with, kids. There is an emphasis on projects
inspired by nature, crafts that make use of recyclable
materials and open-ended art meant to bring families
closer together through the creative experience.

Creations by Coffin Kate

I create miniature coffins and other creepy decor

Cryptic Clue Mysteries

Expertly Crafted Murder Mystery Events! 

Grab your friends, family, and victims! Prepare for an evening filled with thrills, intrigue, betrayal, and of course,



Crystals, rocks, and minerals including home decor, jewelry, adult items, mystery boxes, and more!

Charms & More

Leather Key Fob, Earrings, & More

Colton J Lavely Illustration

my name is colton j lavely and i’m an illustrator and designer with a passion for pen and ink drawing and boundary pushing design.

as a metal head and horror enthusiast, i bring a unique style, a fearless attitude, and a desire to create effective solutions to every project. i’m self-driven to a fault, have never missed a deadline, and strive to be the hardest working person in the room. i have a distinct style i love to work in, but i also thrive when leaving my comfort zone to create something i’ve never done. i’ll talk for an uncomfortably long time

about video games if given the opportunity.

The Coven of Cosmic Redemption

Tarot Reading

Being face to face with so many people gives my the opportunity to really express my authenticity, passion, and experience when it comes to reading the Tarot, Herbalism and Witchcraft as a whole. The Coven of Cosmic Redemption, as well as Ragana’s Hut both strive to be our most honest selves, so people can have a true experience for themselves.

Crafty Wytch Boutique

Custom Handmade Wreaths and more.

Crystal Lotus Boutique

Crystal Lotus Boutique is a woman run small business, selling crystals and other metaphysical items.

Curious Hooker

I love a crochet challenge! My hand-made market items are designed to add color and whimsy to our space and life. I also accept commissions for most things crocheted.

Dahlia Crypt Clay

Halloween | Horror | Occultism
Wheel-thrown + Handmade Pottery

Dark Arts of Dan Moran

I specialize in black-and-white drawings. My basic style is realistic/ representational, but my subject matter often veers off into the surreal, the fantastic, and the magic realist. I also specialize in dark and horror-related images. I can draw a completely realistic portrait or figure just as easily as I can draw a zombie, a dragon, or a viking.

Deviant Dame

Disco Pancakes Gutter Glitter

I am a crafter in Colorado. I primarily make jewelry, ornaments, magnets and sculptures. The styles I create go from Alternative to Horror. I take pride in making one of a kind items for individuals that appreciate hand made products.

DoggyDoodle, LLC

Hey, there. I am a skilled creative with over 30 years of design and marketing experience, working in both large and small teams – working solo and thriving in a team environment. I work mainly in Adobe Creative Suite and get messy with pen and ink. I’ve been known to draw from time to time.

DrawManda: The Art of Amanda Whipp

My name is Amanda Whipp and I am an award-winning fantasy and horror artist from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been creating art since I could hold a pencil, and I truly believe that the secret to success is perseverance and a lot of tenacity!

Darkside Creations, LLC

Welcome to a small corner in the recesses of my mind …. Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times.

DisMal Cyanide Customs

Witchcrafter / Goth / Fitness Enthusiast / Seamstress / OF Content

I create custom and commissioned artwork, witchcraft tools, plushies, post pics & more!

Dr Lily’s Medicine Show

Magical Items for Home and Business.

Handmade jewelry, baubles, and oddities.

Dreamstyle Remodeling

We are committed to delivering the best home improvement experience of your life. We handle the whole process from start to finish, so you have one point of contact through your entire project. Sit back, relax, and let Dreamstyle Remodeling transform your home – without you having to lift a finger.

Enchanted Entomology

Welcome to Enchanted Entomology, a home for the art and science of insect taxidermy! I’m Kate, the artist and entomologist behind the displays! Nestled in the picturesque town of Evergreen, Colorado, I bring the world of entomology to life through my handcrafted creations.

Ends and Oddities

Unusual decor for the spooky at heart.

Eternally Bonded

Resin Art

Enchanted Genie LLC

We specialize in personalized, cleansed, & charged products to help you and your family’s metaphysical needs, even the little ones. We have a large selection of over 2,000 products. 

Epic High Fantasy

Todd Fahnestock

Todd LOVES writing epic fantasy that keeps you reading late into the night. After all, magic and heroes and sword fights should be exciting.

Fairy Gremlinn

Designs by Laurel

Flutterby Crochet

The Fox & the Toad

Works by April Lavely-Robinson. Writer. Illustrator.

Creations made in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado Springs, CO. April Lavely Robinson combines her love of art, nature and curiosity of dark corners to produce an eclectic gallery of wonder.

Funkmaster Lovecraft Studio

A staple of Colorado craft fairs and festivals, Funkmaster Lovecraft Studios has been our family-operated business for 13 years. John, Parker, and Kealyn hand-craft jewelry and home decor items sourced from antique, vintage, and re-purposed materials including: keys, clock and watch parts, vacuum tubes, sheet music, comic books, film, and bottle caps. Our unique offerings center around a Steampunk and Retro aesthetic.

Green Lady of the West Side

Entirely Organic, infused with Full Spectrum CBD grown and processed in state.

Fire Thieves Studio

The designs, crafts, performances, and miscellaneous works of Charles McLean Redding.

Foraged Elements x Prism_Haus

Small batch,intentional & handmade magical creations.✨
Honoring nature,the elements, and color magic.
All items made with love/self foraged supplies!

From Bones to Beauty Creations

I have a love for bugs & bones and creating one of a kind, beautiful surroundings for/with them.

Gavenia Psychic Medium

Gavenia’s Higher Realm’s Alchemy

Connecting the World with the Otherworldy

Haunted Star

a fun space & community for

sharing art

sharing/teaching/learning art techniques

promotion of local artists

information on local artists shops/links

information on upcoming shows artists will be vending at to meet & greet..purchase art

HedgeWorks, LLC

Wild foraged and organic herbs and medicinals, upcycling and creativity. All boxed sets are one of a kind.

Hollywood Rejects Odditorium

I find beauty and light in everything even though I make art in the dark. I find peace in self-love and art. I enjoy a good horror film or a Stephen King novel. I’m a self proclaimed perpetual book nerd and a lover of magic and storytelling. Thank you for being here!

Heathen Wire Works

Welcome to Heathen Wire Works, your one-stop destination for exquisite and handcrafted jewelry pieces that reflect the beauty and rawness of nature. Our collection of jewelry is inspired by ancient pagan beliefs, Celtic mythology, and Nordic folklore, and is designed to connect you with your inner self and the earth.

Hollow Cove, LLC

Hollow Cove LLC is a plant store with Colorado artists who sell handmade items. We are passionate about providing a unique shopping experience for our customers, where they can discover beautiful plants, unique handmade items in a creative community.. Our story began with a love for plants and a desire to bring the community together in a space that celebrates creativity and nature. We believe that plants can transform any space into a peaceful oasis and we are committed to helping our customers find the perfect plants for their home or office. Join us on this journey as we continue to grow and expand our offerings.

I Dyed a Little

By using classic liquid tie-dye processes and impressions, Zack continues to push artist borders and the art form itself through design and progressive pattern work. Applying fabric and dye mediums with traditional artificial sinew string methods to create one-of-a-kind tie-dye wearable, home products, and hanging artwork.

Izzi Reid Art

Mama to Judas

Imagined by Amber

My name is Amber and I am an illustrator who loves pencils and pens, animals (real and mythical) and books (fiction and nonfiction). 

A lot of my inspiration comes from history documentaries, ghost stories and fiction novels including my own stories.

Infectious Products

Infectious Products is a leading online store. We provide an unparalleled selection of quality one-of-a-kind handmade products, an easy shopping experience, expedited shipping offers, and exceptional customer service. Check out our collection today!

Just Magpie Things

Mini Composition Notebook Covers, & More!

Johnny Larson Art

New art book available now! This is a 68 page art book of selected digital sketches from the last 3 years and will scratch the odd itch you never knew you had!

Keep Going Club

Eclectic jewelry by people dedicated to keep going.

Krystyna Lynn Kreations

Custom made vintage reproduction attire made to meet your passion or occasion. Any era, any style. Also doing Steampunk attire, specializing in corsets & hats.

Knotty Habit

Handmade crochet clothing
Made to order
Southern CA
FB, Twitter, & Tumblr: @theknottyhabit

Kuhne Arts

My work tells stories of personal inspiration and exploration through the use of silver, metal, glass, resin, wood and other mixed-media materials.

Look Holistic

Hi there! We are a small business that offers beauty products! Our product are made to target sensitive skin, using 100% natural ingredients! We are also all vegan and gluten-free!

Lux & Luca Jewelry Co

Lux + Luca Jewelry is made primarily with 14k Gold Fill + Sterling Silver. Why? These metals are of the highest quality, are safe in water, sweat proof + are safe for sensitive skin.

Lark + Rue

True luxury and kind to sensitive skin! Our kiddo had sensitive skin and Lark & Rue was the first product he could use without getting a rash.


Created by Kristen Gleen,  A majority of her work involves creating ethereal worlds that incorporates crystals, floral arrangements, insects, and skeletal remains of animals-all which are responsibly sourced. Every piece of art that is made will never be recreated again, so each piece is truly unique to it’s own. 

Made By Lemmony

Crafted with Grandma’s Memory

Manitou Mineral Market

Hand Picked & Affordable crystals, jewelry, fossils & art.

Mattie & The Kitties

Based in Manitou Springs, Colorado, Mattie offers carved block relief prints that fit any decor and every budget. Committed to quality and creativity, every block and print is made by hand.


High Speed Internet

Morningstar Designs

Demonic Witch, Tarot, Pet Healer, Reiki, Life coach

Mythic Coffee Co

Creepy Good Coffee!

As we grow, we’re expanding our offerings and learning about all the mythical creatures out there! Join us on our journey and don’t forget to tag us on any of the social media outlets, you could be featured on our “Found in the Wild” segments.

Magic Stitched

Custom Crochet! HANDMADE Stuffed Animals and Costumes!

Mariah’s Market

I love to make things, copper jewelry & sewing are my main focus. I’ve learned some great techniques over the years and hope you enjoy looking at my work.

Memory To A T, LLC

Mess Pot Creations

Knit Little Buddies!

Mile High Angel Company

Custom Handmade Goods

Mystic Jewels

Native Fauna Art

I’m Jade, a wildlife artist born and raised between the Uncompahgre and San Juan National forests in Colorado. Drawing inspiration from the alpine woods, meadows, and rushing rivers, the natural world has been my lifelong muse.

Nicole Ghost Art

Clothing, Jewelry, Art Prints, Candles, Reusable Bags & More!

Novis Mortem Collective

Ethical/sustainable sourced Butterflies Specimen, Taxidermy, Bones, Fine Art, Entomological Taxidermy, Jewelry, Art, Unique Gifts.

Nyx’s Naughty & Nice

Be a Little Naughty or A Little Nice!

New Moon Rising

All handmade, one of a kind pieces of art! Jewelry, woodwork, bone art and more! No animals were harmed to create our pieces. We are Colorado natives, materials used are gathered from the prairies and mountains of our beautiful state. Ask about our custom commission and memorial pieces!


Freeze dried candy, fruit & seasonal snacks.

NRdoggy: Artwork by Nate Russell

Lines & faces, scribbles & spaces
All artwork is for sale. DM to buy original art
Commissions: OPEN

Occult Herbs & Tonics

Fueled by our passion for delicious food and all things peculiar/odd; we’ve created a company dedicated to quality sourced ingredients and the magic that takes place in the kitchen.

Oddity Bottles

Hand crafted oddity bottles/terrariums with hand picked gemstones, preserved flowers, animal bones & specimens. Wet specimens/crystallized taxidermy.

Odd Dream Design

The only place our imagination has full reign is in our dreams. My art is inspired by the natural world, with a surreal twist.

Olive Blue Oddities

Entomology Art, Oddity Home Decor, Vintage Accessories, Gifts & More.

Parrish Platz

Concrete Baby Head Planters & Decor, Mandrakes, Cereal&CandyCharts, Custom Pet Pennants, Art Prints,Mushrooms. All handmade by me in Colorado Springs.

Pegasus Gems

Pegasus Gems strives to offer unique new age metaphysical gifts & crystals to stimulate consciousness, inspire balance and beauty.

Phantom Canyon Emporium

We are a small vendor boutique shop that specializes in custom-printed spooky wares featuring our original artwork.

Phillip Ray Art

Digital Illustrator & Painter.

Proposito Anima / Darkside Creations

Welcome to a small corner in the recesses of my mind …. Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times.


One Bought, One Donated. ALWAYS

For every Children’s book purchased I will donate one,

There are so many kids that need books. Nothing brings me more joy then seeing a kid’s eyes light up with joy and amazement. I write and rewrite, paint and repaint everything until I get the reaction I look for. 

Penny Sized Dreadfuls

I’m a mixed media artist and this channel is focused on my miniatures and dollhouses.I will also feature guest artists with interviews as they join me in the Hollywood Rejects Odditorium. About my projects: The Arcane Tower is a 3 story odditorium and the Melancholy Manor is a haunted house. Elegant and creepy. Follow me through some tutorials, some progress videos and more. Thank you!!!

Phil Spaulding Art

I am a contemporary surrealist working in the macabre and surreal to bring beauty to the darkness from which people hide. I work in a variety of mediums to convey and represent the dark thoughts that are present in all humans which, in turn, allows for each individual to form their own narrative from my work. 

Pocket Size Chainmail

Pocket Size Chainmail is just what it sounds like – chainmail on a small scale, and pieces that could fit in your pocket.

Rachael Selk Artist

I’m an artist striving to keep the magic alive in a world filled with bills, double-shifts, meetings, and grocery shopping. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to adventure into their own imaginations and find that magic I’m trying to capture. I make illustrations, web comics, and love to experiment with new creative mediums.

Raven Readings

I began playing with cards and learning them helping my friends navigate their challenges. Along my spiritual journey, I have learned and incorporated many different ways to connect with spirit for insight and guidance for all I encounter.

Rebel Gypsy Artist

I’m currently an engraver using a laser to create items I sell, body artist (henna, glitter and airbrush) and soon to be on the road doing my thing and will be blogging/vlogging along the way.

Regal Octopus Creations

Hand-Crafted Jewelry, Molds, and Geekery, Lovable, squishable, cute, and weird handmade plushies!

Ritual Skateboards

Ritual Skateboards is a core, grassroots skateboard company based in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, CO.

Robbie Blum

All work is for sale. Originals, prints, commissions.

Random Parts & Pieces

Mostly jars full of the Skulls of my enemies, made from the finest ingredients: Spite, Pettiness, Bitterness, etc.

Raven’s Dark Dolls

I find dolls that have been forgotten.
I give them a new purpose.

Rebel Skulls

We make horror and creepy themed apparel and home decor for lovers of the darkness. Purses, totes and fun T-shirts for all!

Redd’s Art Inspiration

Original pieces of art never looked better. From shoes to house decor, my art comes how ever you like!

Red’s Collection

Handcrafted ChainMaille Jewelry and more.

Rilla Wiz Creations

I make laser cut and engraved creationz and unique keepsakes.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding gift, a birthday present or need an award for a company event, let me help you stand out by creating something unique to you!

Sassy Glassy Co

Stained Glass artist in Colorado Springs

Sculpted Skulls

Shiner Dog Studio

Shirts, Bags, Hoodies, & More!

Simply Skin & Chains LLC

Welcome to Simply Skin & Chains – a premier anti-aging treatment center founded and run by Mona Herman. Mona is a certified clinical medical assistant and phlebotomist with over 24 years of experience in the cosmetology industry. Her expertise and passion for helping people look and feel their best have led to the creation of Simply Skin & Chains.


Meet The Artist

Self taught digital and traditional artist, I have been honing my skills since the day I could hold a pencil and scribble on a sheet of paper. I have been fortunate to meet and learn from some of the most amazing artists on my journey, making me the artist I am today. My content ranges from paintings, ink work and digital design. I love creating fantasy worlds and characters. My goal as an artist is to draw anything and everything, not limiting myself to one style but to have many. 
-Jacob Skelton

Slaps by Nina

Custom weatherproof stickers, permanent vinyl, clothing, art

Snail’s Emporium

Resin creations, taxidermy, decorative terrariums, jewelry & more.

Steam, Stone & Wire Artistry

Steampunk Jewelry.
Imagine, Inspire, Create.

Stop & Smell the Soap

Handcrafted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, you will not be disappointed when you breathe in the unforgettable aromas of The Soap Lady’s handmade soaps, lotion bars, and more.

Scarlet Letter Boutique

Hello everyone, welcome to Scarlet letter Boutique. We are a female owned and operated boutique. We reside in the Denver area.Our mission is to bring quality, sex positive, kink friendly products to the Denver and surrounding areas.

I’m a native to Denver and the the market for all inclusive body safe sex toys are hard to come by. We want to bring more advanced sex products to the local population including the GLBTQIA ,BDSM,and Swinger communities.

Thanks for the Visit. And keep coming to visit us.-Cat.

Sew Rad Apparel

Rad Clothing and More!

Silver’s Creations

Laser Cut & Etched Wooden Jewelry & More

Sin Muse Arts

Welcome to Rot Town, tales of the doomsday scum! A new comic page drops every Wednesday. Like what you see? Check out my art page over at @sinmuseart

Skulls & Stones Jewelry

Magical Handmade Skull Jewelry, Clothing, Furniture, Art Work and More

Slug Academy

Clothing & More

Star Bleau

Wondrous Figurines of Power & Delight!

Steele Shutter

Through my prints, I invite you to bring bits of my world into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints or books, sales, and shows.

Susan Schomig’s Creations

Unique hand poured candles
Bug pinning and framing
Wholesale candles

Tanya’s Hair Bows

Bows, Tumblers, Totes and More!

Teters Nook

Artist, Photography, Clay, Paper making, Painting, and anything else.

Theropod Books

he home for the Reunification Series and other works published by Steven Anderson. Visit our Author Page at:
And on Goodreads:

Turned to Stone

Rocks, Minerals, & Stones


Veterans using self-taught skills to create an original work for you to enjoy at home, office, or l as a gift
-Custom Art Pieces

Taradactyl Jane Studio

Watercolor artist & illustrator

Thane Benson

Comic book writer and artist. Creator of Quick The Clockwork Knight. New comic now live on Kickstarter.

Third Eye Creations

I am a spiritual intuitive Shaman, reverend, Coven high priest, Usui Reiki master, & spiritual channeler.

Tordoise Shop

Wildlife, Bugs, & Furry!

Twisted Visions

THEN came 2020, and something called a pandemic. The Husband was granted the time to learn how to twist wood around on a scroll and band saw. From that day forth, we’ve realized these are our visions. They are definitely twisted. So, these are our Twisted Visions.

Thanks for stopping by. Check out our Events page so you can come see us in person. We always have sale specials at our in person events.

Uncanny Granny

Really enjoying making all kinds of fun stuff, now I need someone to buy it. Interested?

Undead Dahlia
A Denver based weirdo that loves to paint !

Vagabound Builders


Re-purposed clothing, curated vintage and handmade hats to help all sized Goddesses release their inner VIXEN.

Vibal Minerals

vibalminerals Crystals and Minerals to help chill your vibe.

Voodoo Love Creations

Walter’s Baked Goods Pueblo

We are a fun little home bakery that specializes in treats for everyone! We have great cookies, bread, pizzelles and candy. If you love them all and have an allergy or food sensitivity, we can help you out! We do not charge extra for gluten free or food sensitive needs, just let us know what your requirements are.

Weird Darkness

True Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Crime, Conspiracy, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved & Unexplained.

Yarn Whisperers

Crochet items & Animals.

Zombified Creations

Eclectic art focused around faux terrariums within vintage glassware with unique, beautifully odd details.

Wandering Witch Concoctions

Handmade with pure magical intention and love

Our goal is to make magical products in an ethical way. We hand source all ingredients and make all products with intention and love.

Wild Goose Chase

Taxidermy S

My Colorado shop is now closed to new orders for bird taxidermy and fish repros, however I can still take new orders for soft mounts (I provide the pelt). Soft mount taxidermy ships for free.

Wild Goose Chase Taxidermy Studio will reopen in Minnesota in the next year or so once the new taxidermy shop is complete. 

Thank you for your business and support over the past couple years, it’s been an honor to preserve your memories through the art of taxidermy!

Colorado Springs Event Center:
3960 Palmer Park Boulevard at Academy with Free Parking!

Show dates, times, and ticket prices are as follows:

Oddity & Bizarre Expo:
Saturday, April 20, 2024 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday, April 21, 2024 10 am – 4 pm

Admission – $13.00
Youth 12 & Under – Free

Fall Oddity & Bizarre Expo:
Saturday, September 21, 2024 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday, September 22, 2024 10 am – 4 pm

Admission – $13.00
Youth 12 & Under – Free

For More Information Contact: