The St. Joseph Gun & Knife Show is proudly sponsored by:

Rolling Hills Auto

Rolling Hills Auto Plaza ā€” Providing Service, Quality and Everything in-between to Nissan Honda Toyota Drivers from St. Joseph, MO

Securing Liberty, LLC

Securing Liberty is located in Liberty, Missouri. We are a family owned, home-based business. Securing Liberty provides several services to our clients. We are FFL Licensed and can provide Residents of Missouri with out of state transfers, as well as transfers for new and previously owned firearms sales.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or collector we have untouchable rates that will allow you to own the firearm you’ve been dreaming about. You can purchase directly from our website and pick up from our site or we can ship to an FFL Dealer near you! We have in stock or quick ship options from vendors to ensure you have what you’re looking for within a timely manner. Check our Up-To-Date innovatory and start your background check today!

Black Lantern Outdoors

We began the journey of making dreams a reality. Earlier this year things began to fall into place for us to began the journey of being small business owners. Many hours of work and we are on our feet. July 1st 2020 is just the start!

Hometown Trinity Heroes

We support the local rural area LEO, Firefighters and Military and do donations for specific needs. We support the foundations of the companies we support and our customers help us to focus on local rural needs.

Browning’s Whitetail FREAK Skulls & Sheds!

Longtime deer hunter Ron Browning will display his trophy deer antler display and non-typical skull collection.

Check out the 2022 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter

Vananahammock is displaying their converted Mercedes Sprinter.

Go off road and live that life! Check them out on Youtube and Instagram!

Ticket Prices:
Adults: $13
Youth 12-6: $5
5 & Under: Free

October 7-8, 2023
Sat. 9am – 4pm
Sun. 10am – 3pm